Our Vision

Sky Cliff’s vision is to develop our 70 acres into a community providing care and a variety of programs for services including stroke support, adult day care, respite care, independent and assisted living, skilled nursing center, hospice, chapel, equestrian therapy and other needs as identified.


The people that make it happen

Our Staff

Executive Director – Dan Novak, MSM

Center Director – Shanan Holub, CNA

Moderator Stroke Victors Support Groups – Sue Parsons, RN

Director Senior Day Care Program – Christine Voitel, CNA

Nurse –Paula Schmidt, RN

Caregiver Professional – Karina Pugh, CNA

Caregiver Professional – Erin Barnes, CNA

Administrative Assistant – Marie S.

Sky Rider Equestrian Director – Tina Ecker

Driver/Caregiver - Will Harris

Driver/Caregiver - Joel Prince

Advisory Board

Shanan Holub – Staff Representative (Chair)

Audrey Odden – Stroke Victor (Secretary)

Jennette Smith – Caregiver

Clayton Watson – Caregiver

Donna Levy – Animal Coordinator

Lisa Brodin – BOD Member

Board of Directors

President /Treasurer–John Gianakos

Vice President/Secretary-Lisa Brodin